Health – lose weight effectively and fast

Many people, who are not happy with their figure, wondering how they can lose weight quickly. The Internet and women’s magazines are always new diets introduced that promise to melt excess pounds in no time. However, how meaningful it has to be removed quickly how sustainable it can be and how healthy lose weight fast?

Definition of weight loss

It is possible to reduce the weight when on the body is fed less energy than it requires in the form of the basal metabolic rate and physical activity. It is called the negative energy balance.

Food and lose weight – With small steps to success

A detailed plan as to when that will be achieved all, is the best companion for a successful diet.Here, sufferers should keep in mind what they actually do wrong and these things do not change all at once.A change should be perfectly up to a week or two to take a few days’ time, for example, getting used to whole wheat bread. If the point is reached, you can make the next thing and in this way to build up graduallyallhealthy habits.It is important to prevent relapse in the form of fast food orgies or emptying of whole boxes of chocolates. Who really wants to lose weight permanently, he needs to be aware that all these things belong to the past.

Fitness and Sport – What sports are suitable for rapid weight loss?

In any sport, a different number of calories burned. However, because this should not cover the decision for or against a sport. It is important that you feel comfortable with the exercise of the sport. A high calorie consumption is obtained with the following activities (list is based on a weight of 70 kg and per hour):

Go: 5 km / h (320 kcal)
Cycling : 15 km / h (330 kcal)
Swimming : 50 m / min (500 kcal)
Jogging : 11 km / h (920 kcal)