Motivation is everything – If you want to lose weight

The health benefits of losing weight

Being overweight increases the risk for health problems.However, what benefits you can expect when you lose weight?To improve your health suddenly,whether it is possible to get quick results? You usually have to be very motivated to maintain their weight and to decrease.After all, who wants to lower his weight in the long term, must change their habits – and to change established habits and behaviour patterns is usually very difficult.

The weight is subject to periodic fluctuations, which is normal. Nevertheless, you should set a limit. By regular weighing about once a week, you should also keep his weight after the removal and control. Is the own tolerance limit is reached; it is good to have a contingency plan ready.

The quick weight loss

The quick weight loss is possible, but not healthy. After take-off quickly be realized only with radical methods, including the so-called zero – diets, diets with a very low calorie diets and very one-sided. Besides the dreaded yo-yo effect and deficiency symptoms, such diets may also have serious consequences:

• Hair Loss
• Muscle breakdown
• Heart damage
• Organ damage
• Gallstones

Food diary

• Write down what foods you eat, especially the snacks in between. Keep this book also determine your finishing his sports entities.
• Drink at least 2 litters a day: unsweetened drinks, best tea or water, help to detoxify the body.
• Do you prefer low-calorie products?
• Get ready to get at least 3 per week for at least 30 minutes an endurance sport of your choice. Enter the dates for a fixed time into your busy calendar.
• Snacking you now and again – but should that be the exception! Best chocolate having a chocolate fraction of over 75%.

Fitness and Sport – Running is great for losing weight

Except for severely obese people and those who suffer from severe joint problems such as osteoarthritis, the Running is great for losing weight.In no other sport more calories are burned. Of course, beginners should not run more than twice a week at first, because it is too stressful on the joints and muscles, so you can replaced it with walking or swimming.